Upgrade 16.7 kilometers of cross country ski trails : $30,000

  • Moose Loop (5.8 km), Iron Springs (4.7 km), Elbow (5.2 km), Loggers (0.1 km), West Crystal Line (0.2 km), Middle Crystal Line (0.2 km) and Sundog (0.5 km).
  • Scope of work includes: Brush clearing, removal of encroaching or overhanging trees, completing drainage and tread repairs/grading/smoothing, culverts and the addition of a ski bridge on Moose Loop.

Mountain View West : Add new 3.8 km ski trail $15,500

  • Formalize the transfer of Spray Lakes Haul Road 1109A to the West Bragg Creek trail system.
  • Work with Spray Lakes Sawmills regarding reclamation, drainage and tread work. GBCTA scope of work: replace one SLS bridge and supply 1214 culverts.

Construct an all season trail link between Tom Snow trail reroute and Merlin View: $30,000

  • A portion of the Tom Snow trail in the West Bragg Creek trail network is designated as the route for the TransCanada Trail. A 4 km portion of Tom Snow trail was destroyed in the 2013 flood. Alberta Parks has obtained funding through the Disaster Recovery Program to replace the damaged section of trail with a new trail on a flood resilient ridgetop alignment. This alignment provides the opportunity to complete a link between Merlin View Loop and the new portion of the Tom Snow trail.
  • Scope of work: Clear deadfall, remove necessary trees and brush from the approved alignment of the new 4 km link trail. Construct a singletrack tread using a minitrack hoe and volunteer labour.

Seasonal maintenance and repairs on the existing allseason trail network : $3000

  • Scope of work: Small scale repairs to tread, drainage and minor rerouting and clearing of deadfall on existing trails. Work to be done by volunteers. Expenses are related to tools and fuel for getting to work locations.

Add 3.0 km of new snowshoe trails and 0.7 km of snowshoe trail upgrades : $1500

  • Add new snowshoe trails including: Old Hostel Road (0.8 km), Shortcut link from Snowshoe Hare to East Telephone Loop (0.2 km), West Crystal snowshoe route to Snowy Shortcut (1.0 km), Old Shell Road(1.0 km).
  • Identify several existing snowshoe trails as “wintermultiuse” trails for snowshoeing, fatbiking and winter hiking.
  • Upgrade tread to allseason standard on Snowshoe Hare west (0.7 km) Scope of work: Clear deadfall, brush and small trees from the alignments, upgrade drainage and tread on Snowshoe Hare as needed. Most of the work to be done by volunteers with some miniexcavator work, where necessary.

Update trail signage. $5000

  • Purchase new map signs and trail identifier signs for the WBC trailhead and all junctions with new trails. Purchase “winter multiuser” blaze markers and redo blaze marking on the snowshoe trail network.

Renovate, install and operate a donated 50’X12’ manufactured building as a warming hut/trail centre at the West Bragg Creek Parking Lot: $4,000