On May 18 BCT held a very successful Virtual AGM.

Here are some of the high points:

  • Review of financials – BCT is on sound footing.
  • Amended Bylaws – name change, expanded criteria for BCT membership.
  • New Board of Directors – BCT says big thanks to 3 departing Directors and welcomes 4 new Directors.
  • Committee Reports:

– Fundraising was a huge success with great industry partnerships and the amazing story of ‘Erica’.

– Our Volunteer program continues to expand and is greatly aided by a new online sign up process.

– Unprecedented accomplishments on AST, Community and Ski Trails ; summer and winter.

– Trails Host program is a big positive BCT story.

– Comm. reports on re brand, new website, newsletter and volunteer management, social media explosion, and merchandising.

View the full 2021 AGM slideshow presentation Here!