E-bike Pilot Project

The Alberta Parks pedal-assist e-bike pilot in the Kananaskis Region has concluded. Thank you to those who participated. The survey is now closed.  Analysis of results and feedback will be compiled over the coming months.

An approach forward will be determined after the analysis phase and communicated in summer 2021. During the analysis phase, Alberta Parks will continue to permit pedal-assist e-bikes on the designated pathways and trail networks selected for the pilot – this includes WBC.

What is a pedal-assist e-bike?

Pedal-assist e-bikes are defined as non-throttled electric powered bicycles that provide up to 500 Watts of continuous max output, which stops assisting when either pedaling stops or 32 km/h is reached.

What is NOT a pedal-assist e-bike?

        • Throttle or power-on demand
        • More than 500 watts of maximum output
        • Provides power at over 32 km/h
        • An electric mobility aid

The pedal assist e-bike pilot will include evaluating:

      • Enhanced trail accessibility.
      • Expanded recreational opportunities for visitors.
      • More Albertans to be active outdoors
      • Provision of inclusive trail-based experiences for people of all abilities.

Read more about the program here: