We Raised $11,450 of Our $15,000 Goal

Thanks to everyone who donated. Still want to donate... the fundraiser is still open and we are still accepting donations.
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Please support this program with your generous donation so our dedicated volunteers and staff can provide the best riding experience for you.

Funds are needed to pay for fat bike grooming and equipment related expenses including for a combination of paid and volunteer fat bike groomers.

Many thanks to our trail heroes: Dean Cockshutt, Dave Kunz, Will Prebushewsky, Tim Hudema, Pat Clements, Micheal Tenace and Paul Saunders.

Thank you to all who have donated! Supporting this program with your generous donation ensures that our dedicated volunteers and staff make that happen.

Grant Anderson
Klaus Exner
Darren Jacobs
Don Jonasson
Jerry Hagen
Chris Hahn
Doug Carr
Pat Weinmayr
Barb English
Lucian Cerny
David McLaren
Maurice Batallas
Brad Stirrett
Above and Beyond
Henry Yau
Chelsea Kenyon
Travis Cooke
Gary Millard
Cathryn Rowley
Doug Foubister
Cesar Beltran
Jason Zerk
Morten Pedersen
John Gerez
Dwayne Child
Bryce Webster
Richard Hornung
Jamie Lamb
Paul Edwards
Dawn Lemkes
Jennifer Hogan
Ian Harker
Don Conn
Susan K Sutton
Dave Miller

Dennis Smaggus
Cal Johnson
Carol Guthrie
Dieter Kromm
Teresa Gilson
Tracy Quon
Pipetech Corporation
Douglas Square Chiropractic
Paul Kostyan
Craig Hubley
Terri Shaddick
Bruce Jamieson
Wilma Parfitt
Scott Rowe
Western Motorsports
Emma Rowlatt
Fred Miller
Harold Miller
Betty Winiarz
Gwyneth Thomas
Bernard Mrozinski
Scott Shuert
Aaron Taylor
Bruce Robertson
Cory Squires
Duncan Meade
Suzanne Robert
Julia Matthews
Glen Pardoe
Sheldon Deering
Jason Donaher
Robert Zinselmeyer
Sean Zawada
Kevin Streit
Rick Maunsell

Randy Remy
Dave Taillefer
Bridget Linder
Edward Chartrand
Chris Linder
Paul Mueller
Shane Zbrodoff
Michael Stasica
Callan Kostick
Scott Graham
Jill Mark
Jacqueline Jenkins
Mark Goble
Suzanne Magner
Bill Mounce
Albert Brandt
Karen Martino
Stefan Makwana
Cindy Goodman
Trent Wiebe
Goldie Wilson
Carolin Botterill
Paul Saunders
Stephanie Nagel
Laura Karl
Glenda Misurelli
David Gluzman
Louis-Julien Roy
Matt Zelin
James Hall
Mike Doma
Sean Phillips
Dennis Baxter
Sylie Boivin
Mathew Li
Michelle Hegge

We have attempted to document all donations and my apologies if we missed you. If you donated and you are not on the list, please email admin@braggcreektrails.org and we will add you to the list of West Bragg Creek Fat Bike Supporters 2019/2020.