It Begins and Ends with Nature

Meet Leith Monaghan

FAVOURITE TRAIL: Reconnect and Long Distance

When in WBC you may find Leith on the trails reconnecting with nature and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Foothills forest.  West Bragg Creek is the perfect place for a quick and easy nature fix away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Trails like Long Distance and Reconnect are also great places to spot wildlife like Moose, Whiskey Jack, and even an inquisitive Red Fox.  As an interpretive hiking guide and educator, Leith loves to use the WBC areas as a place to find natural inspiration for her programs and share her love of nature with others.

BCT is partnering with our friends Amarin and Dave at Experience Journeys to help raise awareness around the incredible natural capital present in WBC.  A Bragg Creek elder once commented that she felt the key to holding on to what we treasure about this area lies in preservation of its trees. So often, we can enhance our lives by simply slowing down and immersing ourselves in nature. Some call this Nature Therapy.

Learn more at Experience Journeys.

Nature 101

Beginning this summer, BCT is excited to partner with local naturalists to offer a series of educational sessions that will focus on the amazing natural capital in WBC. Sessions will include trail stewardship/etiquette, what to expect (wildlife, inclement weather, parks pass, range of other trail users) and what to pack and highlight some ‘beginner’ walking trails such as the watershed heritage trail and where to locate the beaver dams.

Check our Events Calendar where we will post all session dates and information.