I just got home after an awesome XC ski at WBC.  I ran into Jeff at the maintenance building and he told me that David had groomed Mtn View West this morning.  So I skied up West Crystal to Mountain View then around Mountain View West. Moose Loop, Loggers and East Crystal.  Trackset the entire way.  David had just run the tracksetter on Moose so it was soft there but otherwise pretty damn good.  I anctually ran into David as he was doing a second run on Moose to set a second track on the inside of the look.  And for October 23… freaking amazing!

The re-route on Mtn View West is fantastic.  By-passing the shale slope and the wind swept icy kamikaze downhill sections is such a huge improvement.  I think that section is going to get a lot more traffic with this upgrade.

And the new Moose bridge is a real treat. It’s nice not to have to worry about what nasty surprises that creek crossing was going to present you with as you descend the hill.

Great day.  +/- 100 cars in the parking lot when I left.