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Open Letter to Bragg Creek Trail Users for Trail Use GUIDELINES
Kananaskis Country and West Bragg Creek [WBC] Rocky View County (RVC)

We are writing to ask you to help protect our trails, especially during wet and soft conditions. The GBCTA has recently had to deal with some unfortunate incidents, such as ignoring and illegally removing our signage designed to protect the trails when vulnerable, in both West Bragg Creek and on the Great Trail in RVC.

The GBCTA communicates recommendations and trail conditions to trail users through a variety of means including the below.

Before you go, plan ahead with:

  1. Website trail conditions report;
  2. Facebook and Instagram;
  3. West Bragg Creek Weather Station; and
  4. West Bragg Creek *NEW* Webcams at Chickadee Meadow & Braggin Rights trailheads.

When at the Trailhead please check:

  1. Signage on trails and at trailheads; and
  2. Trail conditions report and recommendations regularly posted at WBC parking lot kiosks.

Impacts of trail use can vary, as per the attached Common Ground Pressure Table below. Pedestrian foot traffic and fat biking typically have minimal impacts; horse riding and regular tire biking can have significant impacts, particularly during wet and soft conditions.

You can help us by following trail etiquette, and by doing so we will all realize the following collective benefits:

  1. Minimize trail damage that negatively impacts trail users and trails;
  2. Support trail safety by not creating trail hazards from damage;
  3. Reduce GBCTA costs and volunteer time to repair the damaged trails; and
  4. Eliminate the potential for conflict with the other trail users.

The GBCTA asks all trail users to plan ahead, be informed on trail conditions and recommendations, make appropriate decisions, and abide by posted trail signage.

Your support of the GBCTA is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions or feedback on this matter, please email the GBCTA.

Let us work together as a community to build a culture of respect for our trails and for the contributions of our volunteers and financial supporters.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

On Behalf of the GBCTA Board,

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Conrad Schiebel, President, Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA)

The common ground pressure chart below is intended to illustrate the potential for trail damage by user type, should a trail user choose to use a soft and vulnerable trail: