After 11 years of hard work and commitment, Robert Sadee is stepping down as President of the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) and we would like to offer him a huge THANKYOU!

Since 2004, after chairing the trails sub-committee (part of the MD’s Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan), the GBCTA was formed and the group hit the ground running with a vision to promote and develop pathways and trails in the Greater Bragg Creek area. In subsequent years, Robert has encouraged, facilitated and participated in all of the GBCTA projects, fund-raisers and events and has helped bring them to their successful completion.

• 2005: Centennial Trail from the Hamlet to the Provincial Park is built.

• 2006: Initiation of design and paperwork for the Bragg Creek portion of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) between the Hamlet and the West Bragg Creek Trails.

• 2007: GBCTA becomes a charitable society and the West Bragg Creek ski groomers come under its umbrella. Paperwork for the Banded Peak Pathway Trail, running from the Hamlet to the school, begins.

• 2008: Paperwork for the Banded Peak Trail continues (feasibility studies, engineering reports, discussions with adjacent landowners).

• 2009: Construction on the Banded Peak Trail begins.

• 2010: Assisted in implementing The All Seasons Trail Plan for West Bragg Creek. Became lead organizer for the now infamous Tunes for Trails fundraiser.

• 2011: Actively involved in protecting the West Bragg Creek Trails from logging

• 2012-15: Fund-raising for the TCT. • 2013: Construction started on the • 2013: Construction started on the Banded Peak Connector (BPC) running from the school to the provincial park.

• 2014: Centennial Trail is re-built after the flood of 2013 and the BPC is completed.

• 2015: Redwood Trail (between the Hamlet and Redwood Meadows) is completed and construction commences on phase 1 of the Trans Canada Trail between the Hamlet and the West Bragg Creek Parking lot.

Volunteer and community minded Robert is a busy guy, as during his tenure as President he was also a member of the West Rocky View Recreation Board for 7 years, is an ongoing board member of Alberta Trail Net and an on-going volunteer with the Calgary Foundation. He has long been a believer in using trails and pathways to connect people, understanding that this connection is a key ingredient of wellness. Robert, you are well deserving of the Q.E. II Diamond Jubilee Medal you were awarded in 2012 for all your efforts towards advocating for trails and to trail building in the Province of Alberta. We congratulate you and, as always, we wish you many Happy Trails.

Bragg Creek is truly becoming a Trail Head Community and we welcome Peter Tucker as the new GBCTA President. Peter brings a wealth of experience with him and under his leadership we look forward to many more exciting years.

Stay Tuned Bragg Creek – ‘cause trails are just starting to really sizzle!

Source: High Country News, Volume 26 Number 7, August 2015