West Bragg Creek Trail Etiquette, Trail Types, User Recommendations and Safety

Welcome to West Bragg Creek Trails. This is a multi-use, non-motorized recreation area.

Since this is non-motorized trails system that welcomes a wide variety of users we ask that you extend a few common courtesies to your fellow trail users and respect the facilities that have been provided for your enjoyment.

Trailhead Parking and Perimeter Trail

  • There is plenty of parking at West Bragg Creek, with several washrooms handy throughout
  • The Trails Center building is open daily between9 am and 5pm. It is heated, has maps and information and there is a cellular ‘hotspot’ located right at the entrance. This is also the location of the AED for those who are trained to use it. Cell service in WBC is spotty at best so utilize this hotspot for making emergency calls.
  • There is Equestrian Only parking in the SE corner of the Parking area. Please do not park there unless you are driving a truck and horse trailer. Please review recommendations for equestrian trail uses section below.
  • A packed Perimeter Trail surrounds the parking area and provides access to all of the trailheads for all users. Please keep all dogs on a leash and remove all animal waste from this trail.
  • There is also parking with access to these trails from Fullerton Trailhead, located across Highway 66 from Allen Bill, on the road to Elbow Falls. There is an area for Equestrian parking located there, also.
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