The Banded Peak Trail:

a) Connects the Banded Peak School to the Provincial Park, thereby enhancing the learning experience for the students, teachers and volunteer parents at the Banded Peak School. Direct connection to the amenities of Provincial Park will be a unique attribute to the Banded Peak School and Rocky View School District. This proposed pathway will provide a very nice compliment to the ‘Back 40’ initiative, planned to be undertaken by the Banded Peak School in the near future. The Back 40 initiative is a project that will make accessible the forested area behind the school, for the purpose of conducting ‘out door’ classes (e.g. biology), nature walks, environmental studies, etc….

b) In addition to creating direct access for the school to the existing trail network within the Provincial Park, the proposed trail will enhance the connectivity of the school to the Bragg Creek Community. The Banded Peak School is located ‘out of town’ so to speak and somewhat isolated from the immediate community. It has been commented on by School Staff that the addition of the Banded Peak Pathway in 2010 gave the school a stronger sense of being part of the Bragg Creek Hamlet. We hope that the addition of a second route will increase this sense of connectivity

c) Pathway loops are preferred as they provide the greatest opportunity for people to benefit from the pathway and enjoy their outdoor activity. Our objective is to create a loop to the Hamlet of Bragg Creek by utilizing existing trails already in the area.

Banded Peak Connector

Not to scale

Maps are posted around the hamlet and on the trails. Download pdf