Fatbike Bragg

Hey Bike People!

Now that it’s winter, please Ride the Wide -tires greater than 3.7 inches.

Every season 100’s of volunteer hours are spent treadsetting the All Season Trails for fat biking in West Bragg Creek. And over 8000 volunteer hours collectively are spent by BCT volunteers every year. Please respect the trails and show us your love by donating!

Just getting into Fatbiking?

Have a look at this sweet introduction to Fat Biking from our friends at HardTail Canada.

Fatbike 101

Meet Melanie m.

FAVOURITE TRAIL: Ranger Summit- Strange Brew-Boundary

Melanie is a coach with Shred Sisters. She has been riding out in WBC for the last 5 years and loves the trails because they are so easy to find and follow, are well maintained and offer something for every fitness level. She rides that fav trail of hers so much because its a challenging climb up, the backside offers a bit of tech and the down is fast & flowy. Judging by her big smile, it looks like Melanie has a lot of fun out there!

Find a Fatbike trail that suits you.

Intermediate Loop

We’ve come a long way!

In 2015 we started experimenting with treadsetting for fatbiking by pulling a groomer with snowshoes or a fatbike. During this time others tried treadsetting in the area by pulling a milk crate mounted on a piece of plywood. Thanks to volunteer time and generous donations we now have a network of fatbike trails that are groomed with more means than a hand-pulled sled, so there is enough for everyone to explore!

Your help keeps our trails going.