2020/2021 Board of Directors

 Conrad Schiebel – President

Conrad began volunteering with the GBCTA in 2013 quickly becoming the representative in the West Bragg Creek Land User Agreement group when logging threatened to impact the trail system in West Bragg Creek. Since then, he has advocated for trail protection and building sustainable trail systems in Kananaskis Country and Rocky View County.

Conrad brings his past experiences working as a Park Ranger and Paramedic to the table adding those perspectives to building a safe work environment and managing the challenges of trail care on public lands.

Brad Small – VP Operations

The West Bragg Creek trail system is a primary reason why Brad and his wife recently retired to Bragg Creek. While growing up and raising his family in Calgary, the Elbow Valley and WBC trail systems became a recreational outlet and a place to just breathe. Brad has been biking and hiking for most his adult life. But his passion and adrenalin rush happens when mountain biking and fat-biking in winter so BCT and Brad were an obvious fit! Since joining, Brad has been in awe of the people and their passion, knowledge and dedication to managing a world class multi-user trail network.

Prior to retiring, Brad had a 30+ year career in the oil and gas industry both as a Professional Engineer and in various leadership roles. Leading people, facility/production projects, development, maintenance & operations, and building external partnerships/relationships are some of the key strengths that he brings to BCT. His is a culture of safety first, respect and professionalism, teamwork and  fun. He is excited to bring these core beliefs to an already successful organization.

Karena Brawley – Secretary

Karena Brawley, B.SC, TMF, CHPC
Karena is an oil and gas Geophysicist and also a Transformational Mindset Facilitator and a Certified High Performance Coach.
Karena has spent the last 35 years working in oil and gas for both junior and major oil and gas companies, as well as being a principal and executive of start up companies. For the past 15 years she has been serving clients as an independent consultant with Amulet Exploration Ltd..
As a Personal Coach Karena has hundreds of hours of certified training and the passion and experience to guide professionals, business-owners, and individuals to live their best personal and professional lives.
Karena joined the GBCTA Board in May of 2018.

Ken Young – Treasurer

Ken is a “semi” retired oil and gas executive with his professional experience in land and business development. He fell in love with the mountains when he first came west in 1977 to work for the summer at Chateau Lake Louise. With the mountain bug and a job in the booming oil business, he moved out west from the Maritimes immediately upon graduating from Mount Allison University and has more or less lived here since. Ken now lives southwest of Calgary in the foothills and has a passion for road and trail running, cycling and cross country skiing, frequenting the trails at WBC to pursue these interests. On March 8, 2019  Ken and a couple of friends pieced together and skied every single groomed segment of trail at WBC, for a total distance of 71.85km – that was a crazy day! Ken joined the GBCTA board in early 2020 and quickly took over the responsibilities of Treasurer combining his past business experience and recreational activities into a new chapter.

Eric Lloyd – Director Special Projects

Eric is BCTs longest standing active volunteer and is recognized as the organization’s guiding light. When it comes to raising money ( in the millions!), bringing to completion our biggest projects and skillfully herding cats, Eric has no equal.

His dedication to nature and the balance of its interests with those of us that share the natural landscape has anchored each and every BCT policy and project.

Eric and his wife Cathy are long term west Bragg Creek residents.

David Cebuliak – Director

David and his family have lived in their West Bragg log-cabin-in-the-woods for 30 years now. For David it has been a nice retreat from his day job as a Calgary ER doc. He has been volunteering with BCT for about 16 years. It all started on community trails and then some primitive ski trails grooming with an ancient skidoo that never really wanted to go where he thought it should. A number of years ago Eric Lloyd recruited David to oversee some summer ski trails rejuvenation. Many ditches, culverts, bridges, Trails Centres, brushing and pruning sessions later and things are looking better. In recent years he has partnered with the winter ski trails groomers lead by head groomer Jeff Hughes to help bring the ski trails experience from meh to wow. It’s been lots of fun with great friends – so much that his wife Brownie has earned the title of ‘Saint’ for putting up with him. He aims to keep some balance while feeding his soul in nature.

Imke Gudehus-Ryder – Director

Imke grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, relishing in the freedom of adventuring through the local sloughs, skating on the dugout and running in the fields. This fostered a love for the great outdoors (and an appreciation for hard work!). For a decade, university and work obligations kept her in London and Calgary, but she sincerely missed the openness and opportunities presented by a more rural life. So, fifteen years ago, Imke moved to Bragg Creek with her husband and their 3 sons to actively pursue an outdoor lifestyle. This is where they cross country ski, ride bikes, explore the backcountry and simply wander the local trails discovering new adventures. Wanting to give back to the trails that have given them so many years of enjoyment, Imke joined the Bragg Creek Trails Association and met a wonderful, hardworking group of very dedicated, passionate volunteers. Our trails are a privilege that should never be taken for granted and Imke is grateful for the opportunity to help foster, build and maintain this amazing trail network. Be sure to say hi when you see Imke huffing along the trails on her run, ski, bike or hike. And remember, whatever paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.

Bill Hoyne – Director

Bill moved to Bragg Creek in the mid 1990’s for the proximity of the outdoor experience. This area was his cabin in the woods. He has been biking, skiing, hiking, running these woods and hills since the late 1980’s when Bill moved to the Calgary area. What an amazing place to explore and have fun in.
A number of years ago Bill started hanging with Jeff and David and got recruited to groom the x-c trails in the winter. He got hooked and can’t seem to get enough of it! We are always looking to improve the skier experience and make better tracks for the skiers. We have expanded our trail network to accommodate snowshoeing, fat biking and equestrian riders
Because of Bill’s experience in the Oil and Gas Industry he has taken on the role of Safety Coordinator. We want all of our crew and volunteers to enjoy their experience, work hard and come home safely. We have expanded our operation significantly in the last few years and it is important to make sure we are taking care of all our people.

Dave Kunz – Director

Dave has been an avid outdoor enthusiast for most his life. Starting at 14 years old, cycling became his focus and passion as a junior road racer in Canada and a stint in Europe. This early experience began his life long involvement in cycling that included being owner of Calgary Cycle in the early 1990’s, a bicycle industry rep and recently managing the opening of 22X in Bragg Creek. All roads brought him to the Bragg Creek area where he and his wife finally settled nine years ago.
Volunteer work is something Dave gravitates to, as per his care of injured wildlife with Calgary Wildlife Rehab Society and his involvement with Bragg Creek Trails. The outdoors have always drawn him to a community of like minded people.
Now retired from a career in graphic design and Photoshop illustration, Dave participates with the team that keeps Bragg Creek Trails humming along through grooming, fundraising and serving on the Board.

Baruch Laskin – Director

Baruch has spent much of his life in the outdoors with family roots four generations deep in the community of Bragg Creek. After completing his geography degree at UVic and living on and researching the Juneau Icefield, Baruch cycled around Europe. This year-long journey reinforced his belief that work, community and outdoor recreation must be balanced. In 2006, Baruch began building trails in West Bragg. Joining the GBCTA board has allowed him to continue his passion for helping people access the outdoors. Have fun and stay healthy!

Neil MacLaine – Director

Neil was first drawn to Bragg Creek when stationed in Calgary with the Army in the early 80’s. After a few tours elsewhere, he was posted back to Calgary in 1988 and bought some land south of Bragg Creek on which to keep a few horses and build a home for his growing family. Every spare moment since has been spent exploring Kananaskis. By 1991 it became apparent that Neil’s job was interfering with his recreation, so he left the army to start an adventure outfitting business – Moose Mountain Adventures.
Neil feels  incredibly lucky to have made a “job” out of exploring the eastern slopes on horseback for the past 30 years. The whole MacLaine family also enjoys cross-country skiing there in the winter.
As a member of the Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce, Neil is aware that the trails bring a lot of people to our community and influence the local economy. Increasing collaboration between the trails and the business community is one of his goals.
His other priority is ensuring that equestrian users continue to have their needs and interests considered. Reconciling the growing popularity of the area and new modes of “getting around” with the desire to preserve natural beauty and a sense of wilderness will be a challenge.  Neil is excited to join BCT!

Alf Skrastins – Director

Outdoor recreation has been Alf’s  passion and his life’s work. 

While working towards his Environmental Biology degree at the University of Calgary, Alf started a cross country ski club on campus. He founded the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre and built it into the largest university based outdoor program in North America, while introducing tens of thousands of people to the joys of outdoor activity. He instructed and guided cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, avalanche safety, hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting and sea kayaking. Alf is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors, the B.C. Sea Kayak Guides Alliance and the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education.

He co-founded and edited Explore-Canada’s Outdoor Magazine and has contributed photographs in the Kananaskis Country Trail Guides, Kananaskis Country Ski Trails, Summits & Icefields, Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies and numerous magazines.

Alf has advocated for outdoor recreation as a director in the Calgary Area Outdoor Council, on public advisory committees for the Evan-Thomas Provincial Recreation Area Management Plan, The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park Redevelopment Plan, The Bow Corridor Trails Advisory Committee , The Kananaskis Trails Advisory Committee, The Porcupine Hills-Livingstone Recreation Advisory Group and as Vice President of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta. He was a member of the Public Advisory Committee that developed the West Bragg Creek All-Season Trails Plan, which is the foundation of our trails network.

Alf has been involved in trail building and maintenance with the Great Divide Trails Association and Friends of Kananaskis Country, where he is currently on the Advisory Committee.

His role with the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association is to lead the construction and maintenance of the all-season trails.