Walk & Run

Meet Andrew Thompson

FAVOURITE TRAIL: Long Distance and Disconnect

Andrew is 11. He loves to run on trails that swoop, curve a lot and go up and down. He thinks mud is fun. Andrew tries to hit as many puddles as possible, particularly when that means he can splash his parents or sisters – it’s all about playing and going fast. He spends hours reading trail books and looking at routes on AllTrails – seriously.
Andrew is on the XC Bragg Creek competitive ski team with coach Flora and Seb. Catch him if you can!


People come to West Bragg to Walk in Nature. Forest Bathe. Meditate. Heal. Meet with friends and family.

Study the Beaver ponds or if you are lucky you might see a moose on Moose Loop.

In Winter please don’t walk on groomed ski trails. Try this great walking trail – Snowy Owl – which parallels Mountain Road. There you won’t have to worry about skate skiers whizzing by…


Trail Running is the newest West Bragg phenom. Say goodbye to pavement and exhaust fumes and embrace nature!

You can run just about wherever your legs will take you. ( except for groomed ski trails.…)

If you can catch up to this guy – Graham – you’ll be doing pretty good!