The Trans Canada Trail in West Bragg Creek: June 4, 2021

Bragg Creek is proud to be a stop along Canada’s national trail, the Trans Canada Trail. The West Bragg Creek Trail (WBCT) is an important link for the TCT providing access between the communities of Calgary, Cochrane, Redwood Meadows and Bragg Creek as it carries on to Canmore and Banff. This scenic section of trail leaves the prairies and winds through the foothills as it enters the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The project reinforces Bragg Creek’s status as the Gateway to Kananaskis while enhancing community spirit though an amenity which benefits the health and welfare of Albertans, local economies, tourism and recreation.

The WBCT project, undertaken in 2015, required the construction of a 7.5 km, 2.5 meter wide gravel trail connecting the Hamlet of Bragg Creek to Kananaskis Country to the west. Final bridgework is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Funding for this non-motorized user trail was provided by the TransCanada Trail Foundation, the Province of Alberta, RockyviewCounty (RVC), Alberta TrailNet, The Calgary Foundation and many other BCT donors. Once inside Kananaskis Country, the trail takes on a more rustic wilderness character and is also maintained by BCT.

In October 2020, the first 2.5 km of the TCT/WBCT was paved from Bracken Road in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek going west to Range Road 52 (RR52). This upgrade was determined to be critical in improving access for families and persons with limited mobility who live in or are visiting the community.It also provides a safe option for cyclists and pedestrians who typically use the adjacent road.The paved surface will decrease maintenance costs associated with tread repair and weed control seen with gravel pathways.The remaining section of trail will be left unpaved for now.Typical users for the trail are walkers, runners, cyclists, and equestrians.The trail is cleared of snow in the winter to accommodate these activities year round.

Click here to watch a video of the paving project.

This popular section of the WBCT is used by approximately 12,000 trail users per year based on 2020 trail counter data and the trend is rising.

The BCT has an Operations and Maintenance Agreement with Rocky View County. We rely on grants and donations to ensure that the trail is kept well maintained and safe.

We would like to thank community members living along the trail right-of-way who granted property easements which allowed this trail to be built. This was a trail with many engineering challenges. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Eagle Engineering, McElhanney & Associates, Bragg Creek Excavating and RVC staff for helping to bring this multi-year $2.5 million project to reality.

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