Ski Trails Descriptions

West Bragg offers 66 km of lovingly groomed cross country ski trails between November and late March, snowfall permitting.

The area caters to both classic and skate skiers.

West Bragg is part of the larger Kananaskis Country Trails System:

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Ski Trails Map

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The Trails



Elevation Change


2.8 km 45 m Easy/Intermediate
Sundog Loop 3.8 km 60 m Intermediate
Skate Loop 5.3 km 100 m Intermediate
Iron Springs 4.3 km 100 m Intermediate
Iron Creek 1.9 km 69 m Intermediate
Elbow Trail 6.0 km 120 m Intermediate
Loggers Loop 1.9 km 105 m Intermediate
West/Middle Crystal Line Loops 3.6 km 65 m Easy
Mountain View 1.5 km 70 m Intermediate
Mountain View West 3.8 km 54 m Intermediate/Difficult
Moose Connector 1.3 km 45 m Intermediate
Mountain Road 4.1km 60 m Easy
Moose Loop 6.3 km 80 m Intermediate
Hostel Loop 3.7 km 45 m Intermediate
Telephone Loop 15.5 km 230 m Intermediate/Difficult

East Crystal Line

Distance 2.8 km, Elevation 45 m, Rating Easy/Intermediate

East Crystal Line is the core access trail for a variety of loops south and east ofthe WBC parking lot. The initial 100m is an access route for all XC and all-season trail users. After turning east to parallel the access road, the wide, undulating trail is double track-set and groomed for ski skating. About .5km east are two junctions. The first leads onto the steep hill portion of Sundog Loop, the second is the connector for an easy 1.5km circuit via Bunny Loop. East Crystal Line continues east, then curves around the north end of Boundary Ridge and up to a higher junction with Sundog Loop.

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Sundog Loop

Distance 3.8 km, Elevation 60 m, Rating Intermediate

Sundog is a fun loop on it’s own that also serves as the start/finish of longer loops, including the new skate ski loop. From the trailhead, go east through Bunny Loop, cross a bridge over Bragg Creek, go up a short hill then turn right at the first junction. Cross East Crystal Line and go up a daunting looking hill. The hill crests at a large meadow and then continues up to the end of East Crystal Line. The rest of Sundog Loop is wide, double trackset and groomed for skate skiing. Going south for .5km brings you to the Iron Springs Trail junction. Turn west to meet Elbow Trail and Loggers Loop junctions, then turn north for the curvy, rolling final leg of Sundog Loop.

Skate Loop

Distance 5.3 km, Elevation 100 m, Rating Intermediate
East Crystal Line and most of Sundog is designated as a skate ski loop. These trails have been widened to allow for the grooming of a skate lane and two lanes of classic tracks.

Iron Springs

Distance 4.3 km, Elevation 100 m, Rating Easy / Intermediate
Iron Springs is a lovely wide, rolling, winding trail that traverses along the west base of Boundary Ridge and Snagmore Hill. It starts at the southeast corner of Sundog Loop and connects near the south end of Elbow Trail. It includes sunny viewpoints, aspen groves and pine forest. It is usually combined with Sundog and Elbow to make a larger loop.

Iron Creek

Distance 1.9 km, Elevation 69 m, Rating Intermediate
Iron Creek is a lovely, windy, wooded trail that connects South Iron Springs to Range Road 54. For skiers starting from the West Bragg Creek parking lot this is an out-and-back trip.
Remember that this is a shared trail so expect to possibly encounter walkers, snowshoers and fat bikes.

Elbow Trail

Distance 6.0 km, Elevation 120 m, Rating Intermediate
Elbow Trail connects Sundog Loop and the West Bragg Creek trail system to the Allen Bill trailhead at Highway #66. It runs along the shady east side of Ranger Ridge, before heading southwest to the Elbow River. Elbow Trail is usually combined with Iron Springs to make a loop that includes Sundog, Loggers or Crystal Line.
If you are starting from Highway #66, the new trailhead is on the north side of the highway, opposite Allen Bill parking lot. The first kilometer of trail from Highway #66 is a brand new replacement for the portion of trail that was lost in the June 2013 flood. The new trail winds across a gentle bench, passing through pine forest, aspen groves and meadows up to the junction with the Fullerton Loop.

Loggers Loop

Distance 1.9 km, Elevation 105 m, Rating Intermediate
Loggers Loop is a scenic, hilly semi-circle that connects West Crystal Line with the south edge of Sundog Loop. This is one of the best trails for snow quality. It allows you to make a bigger, more interesting ski out of any loop that combines Crystal Line and Sundog.

West/Middle Crystal Line Loops

Distance 3.6 km, Elevation 65 m, Rating Easy/Intermediate
West Crystal Line encircles a group of linked trails that allow you to make an amazing variety of loops south and west of the parking lot. Starting just south of Mountain Road, Lower West Crystal Line heads west and immediately provides the option of going around the easy Chickadee Loop or through the practice grid. After crossing Bragg Creek on a lovely new bridge, you come to the first of 4 connector junctions. Crystal Link #1 (intermediate) takes you up a short hill to Middle Crystal Line. Crystal Links #2 and #3 (easy) connects to Middle Crystal Line and then loops back to Lower West Crystal Line for an enjoyable, novice loop. Crystal Link #4 is a steep hill that makes an exciting intermediate loop with #1 and Middle Crystal Line. Lower West Crystal Line rolls up and down a few times to a major junction with Moose Connector, the new Mountain View trail and a bridge that marks the start of upper West Crystal Line. The upper trail features a several hills and brings you back east to Sundog Loop. Along the way, you have the option of connecting onto Loggers Loop, or Middle Crystal Line or any of the links in between.

Mountain View

Distance 1.5 km, Elevation 70 m, Rating Intermediate
Mountain View extends the XC ski network west from West Crystal Line. It curves through alternating forest groves and cut-block openings and goes up, over and around a set of small hills before connecting with Mountain Road. As the name implies, this trail provides some of the best views in the area.

Mountain View West

Distance 3.8 km, Elevation __ m, Rating Intermediate
Mountain View West uses a reclaimed logging road to connect the western end of Mountain Road to the western side of Moose loop. It is a spectacular undulating trail with great 180 views. As of 2020 BCT has partnered with Pieridae Energy to use a section of their pipeline right-of-way to bypass a chronically wind exposed and icey section. A second bypass dips into a beautiful snow filled meadow as a winter only track.

Moose Connector

Distance 1.3 km, Elevation 45 m, Rating Intermediate
Moose Connector is an important link between the south XC trails and the trails north of Mountain Road. The south half of Moose Connector is a lovely rolling link between West Crystal Line and Mountain Road. The hilly north half of Moose Connector takes you to Moose Loop and the west side of Telephone Loop.

Mountain Road

Distance 4.1 km, Elevation 60 m, Rating Easy / Intermediate
The Mountain Road starts from a gate near the SW corner of the parking lot. It is a wide, gentle route that is shared by skiers, dog walkers and other users. (The adjacent Snowy Owl trail now provides a more appealing option for snowshoers and hikers.) Mountain Road is sunny, with good views, but it is also exposed to Chinook winds, so it may have the thinnest snowpack in the trail network. After 1.7km, the trail climbs a short hill to meet Moose Connector and then continues gently west for 2.4 km to the Mountain View West junction.

Moose Loop

Distance 6.3 km, Elevation 80 m, Rating Intermediate
The north half of Moose Connector meets Moose Loop at the top of a short hill. The east half of the Moose Loop begins with a short downhill S-curve, but is mainly gentle, with a few short, steep dips. It is quite open, with views across the broad moose marsh towards Moose Mountain. Because of the exposure to sun and wind, this half may have some areas of thin snow cover. At the north end of the loop is a picnic table, marking the start of the west half of the loop. The west loop is more forested, twisting and rolling. It is sheltered and holds the snow very well. After following the edge of a low escarpment, with views to the east, the trail descends to the marsh, before re-entering the pine forest for the final roller coaster portion back to Moose Connector.

Hostel Loop

Distance 3.7 km, Elevation 45 m, Rating Intermediate
Starting from the centre of the north side of the parking lot, the Hostel Loop begins with a short, steep uphill climb, which is shared with the Telephone Loop. It levels off and curves north to a junction 0.3 km from the start. The east half of the Hostel Loop passes through sunny aspen groves and several meadows, then curves north over rolling terrain to the second junction with the Telephone Loop. The west half of the loop includes a steady uphill and a long, sweeping downhill glide back to the first junction.

Telephone Loop

Distance 15.5 km, Elevation 230 m, Rating Intermediate / Difficult
Telephone Loop shares its start at the centre of the north side of the parking lot with Hostel Loop. It is really more of a back country ski tour. The East half of Telephone Loop cuts through the centre of Hostel Loop. It is wider than in past years but retains the character of becoming increasingly technical as it rolls up and down, curving in and out of side drainages through alternating pine, spruce and aspen forest. You’ll pass junctions with the Snowshoe Hare trail, Disconnect and Long Distance trail junctions. The north end of Telephone Loop follows a creek valley and climbs up a low hill for the west leg. After crossing another creek the trail climbs gently to a low pass, then descends steadily to the Reconnect trail junction. This is followed by a short traverse to the Braggin’ Rights trail junction and the Moose Loop and Moose Connector. Take Moose Connector over to Mountain Road junction. From here you have the option of the shorter return along Mountain Road, or a slightly longer ski along the rest of Moose Connector and Crystal Line trails.