Site Credits

Thanks to the following people for their contributions to the creation of this website.

Multiple BCT volunteers contributed much of the content and other elements seen on this site.

Barun Fox Design

Barun Fox

Barun Fox are Michael Glaser and Courtney Lawson. They contributed their brilliant design aesthetic to create the logo, fonts, palette and other design elements seen on this site.

Photography and General Credits

The following people contributed important visual content for this site:

  • Marilyn Ledingham created the original GBCTA website. Her work represents the foundation on which this site is built and she is the inspiration behind our web presence.
  • Work Above (Rick Boden) contributed the stunning aerial images and videos for this site. Rick’s still images are also frequently seen.
  • Geoff Ryder- mapping
  • Alf Skrastins
  • Paul Saunders
  • Dr Jeff Hughes
  • Steve Riggs
  • Flora Giesbrecht
  • Bob Truman
  • Kate Kunz
  • Con Schiebel
  • Kim McKenney
  • David Cebuliak
  • Brownie
  • Ken Young
  • Dave Klepacki
  • Graham Thompson
  • Unsplash – thank you
  • Many other photographers who have anonymously donated images

Website Development

Marley Boden

Marley Boden brings her deep knowledge of website development as the glue that binds this site together.