Trail Etiquette sign

Community Trails Etiquette

BCT has several Operation/Maintenance Agreements with RVC that provide BCT with the legal authority to operate and maintain community trails in RVC.

The trails covered under these Operation/Maintenance Agreements are:

  • The West Bragg Creek Trail section of “The Great Trail” (formerly Trans-Canada Trail)
  • Banded Peak Trail
  • Banded Peak Connector into Bragg Creek Provincial Park
  • Centennial Trail

These trails are designated as non-motorized, shared use trails and they have boulders and bollards strategically placed to control un-authorized vehicle access. These trails are generally within road right-of- ways and are adjacent to private properties. They provide important pathway connectivity within the community including access to the Banded Peak School.


1) Be courteous and respectful of other trail users to help keep the trails safe and enjoyable for everyone.
2) Keep dogs under control and clean up your pet’s waste.
3) Please obey signage designed to decrease trail damage and ensure trail user safety and enjoyment.
4) If you are damaging the gravel trail surface, please leave the trail. Damage includes:

a) Bike tires creating ruts deeper than 1 inch
b) Horse hoof prints deeper than 1 inch
c) Foot prints deeper than 1 inch

5) Cyclists yield to pedestrians and horses.
6) Cyclists please signal your approach with a bell or voice when approaching other users from behind.
7) Cyclists and pedestrians approaching a horseback rider, please:

a) Move to the side to let the horseback rider pass.
b) Communicate with the rider for direction if unclear.

7) Horseback riders, please remove manure from pathway.
8) Please report trail damage or concerns to