New Digital Volunteer Agreement

Our Volunteer Agreement has gone digital! If you have not signed an agreement or you cannot see any trail maintenance/construction dates in Better Impact, please follow the link below and complete the online agreement. Once you have completed the online agreement, a copy will be sent to our Volunteer Coordinator and your profile updated. (Please allow 48 hours.)


We need your help, volunteer for a Trail Maintenance Day

We need your help, before winter sets in we still have work to complete on the upgrade of Tom Snow from Moose Loop to
the North Kestrel Junction, complete the construction of Kestrel and tread repairs on Strange Brew. Trail maintenance and construction dates are posted on our website and you can sign up for them on your Better Impact Login, don’t miss out on the fun, sign up for a Trail Day.

Click on this link to sign up

Thank you — it’s the stars who volunteer that make our trails shine!!!

Volunteering & COVID-19

Please ensure you read the points below so we can all be safe while volunteering. Do not attend the trail day if you:

  • Have symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches and pains, sudden loss of taste or smell, or any feeling of illness.
  • Have been in direct contact with anyone with the above symptoms or who has COVID 19 in the past 10 days.
  • Have travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days
  • If you’ve had COVID 19, but have not had a negative post-infection test.

Each volunteer will be required to bring the following mandatory personal protective equipment:

  • Work gloves
  • Mask (to be worn if <2m proximity to others due to trail work task or interaction with public)
  • Safety glasses
  • Hand sanitizer

Trail Work Completed so far in June/July 2020

Work completed by Volunteer Groups.

Fanny Barrette Group Day – Fixed 11 problems at various sites in a 350 metre stretch of Braggin Rights just west of Telephone Loop.

Esso Annuitant Hiking Club Group Day – Cut back shrubs right to the ground, flush-cut stumps and removed deadfall on Boundary Horse Trail.

Jason Edworthy and Neil MacLaine, thank you for riding out and helping to install a gate on Boundary Horse Trail.

Outdoor Council of Canada – 5 days of volunteering work completed on Moose Single Track. (Before and After.)

Get on Board with Bragg Creek Trails

We appreciate your past contributions, and we encourage you to participate again.

Our 2020 budget is close to $ 1 million, an amount that is provided entirely by grants, sponsorships and donations.

We rely on your donations to maintain the trail system – without you, we would not be able to maintain our trails.  Your donation goes directly towards our operational costs.

What’s on the list for 2020:

  • Complete the construction of Kestrel and upgrade the portion of Tom Snow Trail between Kestrel and Moose Loop, which means good trail right through to the Dawson trailhead on Highway 68.
  • The acquisition of a small Snow Cat that provides superior renovating and track setting capabilities and the ability to move snow efficiently.
  • The continuation of trails grooming, maintenance, mowing, brushing, tread repairs, reroutes, upgrades, and signage.
  • New bridge construction for low lying areas on Sundog, Iron Springs and Moose Loop, eliminating icy sections and also making these trails more attractive for mountain bikers to ride.
  • Publishing new maps.

Your contribution is vital, so please give generously. You will receive a charitable income tax receipt for donations over $20.

The GBCTA has invested more than $4.1 million in Bragg Creek trails over the past twelve years.  We have constructed more than 110 km of new multi-use trails, and have upgraded some 30 km of existing trails to create a world class 177 km public trail system.

  • To donate online, see:
  • Donate directly to GBCTA by cheque. Mail to Box 1379, Bragg Creek, AB, T0L0K0
  • Donate via e-transfer – no password required. Please include your name, address and email address under notes in your e-transfer to ensure we can send you a tax receipt.
  • Donate with cash deposited at one of the three secure donation boxes at the West Bragg parking lot.

Make Bragg Creek trails part of your 2020 tax planning: Donate to receive your 2020 tax receipt.

Thank you — it’s the stars who volunteer that make our trails shine!!!